"I really wanted to buy that doll, but I gave that up because of the complicated ordering method."
"As I was looking at various goods, I got lost in the site."
For these reasons, most visitor will give up shopping and never come back to the site. Actually, this kind of things is just happenning in many EC sites.

The reason is very easy.
They make their Web site without consideration of "useability."The site without consideration of useability is like the store which has no checkout counter.
This may be happenning in your site, too!!!

The example of poor usability

  • no navigation clues to the target thing
  • no clues for the present position
  • Heavy downloading
  • difficult to find the target thing

The example of good usability

  • easily find the target thing
  • can always grasp the location
  • displayed quickly
  • can be operated without thinking


We are managing following things;

userbility test

  1. Evaluation of a Web site, and creation of an improvement proposal document´╝łCheck List diagnosis, Heuristics evaluation, Repetitive test)
  2. Renewal and construction of a Web site
  3. consulting of considering usability in constructing a Web site
  4. Holding of Seminars, Symposiums, and Study meetings
  5. consulting of considering usability in editing mailling lists

About Userside

Purpose of Establishmen

As the Internet had become an important infrastructure of the society, it is not a special thing that companies, Governments, and Organizations have their own Web sites.
Despite its popularity and Circulation, there is no established rule for building Web sites, and this makes most of Web site lack of useability, difficult to explore, and full of stress.

It is dependent on useabillity of the site whether a site reaches duty or it does not reach.
We believe that we can help constructing an effective Website as a company of which it thinks the point of user's view (user's side).


Since 1997, we have been engaged in construction of a Website, and the electronic commerce.
Through the experience, we have learned about influence of "User-friendliness" which affect user's action.

then, we got to know that there was a special learning field called "usability" by meeting Mr. Ito in Hamamatsu Messe 2001 held in February, 2001. He was the graduate student of the Shizuoka University information faculty and doing usability research on a product.
Moreover, we have accumulated the scientific knowledge of Web usability by researching the usability of a Website and enforcement by trial and error.

Recently, the necessity for usability got to be well known and many Web work companies begin to state consideration of usability as a selling point.
We take pride in our knowledge which came from experience. We are sure that our experience and knowledge are the thing of a completely different level from other companies.

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